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ANF March/April 2020, India Special Edition

ANF March/April 2020, India Special Edition

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Monetising voice, video top the priority list for Manorama Online

India’s Manorama Online, the digital arm of Malayala Manorama, delivers news from Kerala to more than 30 million Malayalis every month. Based on current census figures, this accounts for more than 90 percent of the total Malayalam-speaking population worldwide.

In this interview, Mariam Mammen Mathew, the brand’s Chief Executive Officer, discusses their goals for 2020, diverse monetisation options and how the company is capitalising on technology such as artificial reality and machine learning.

Digital Media India 2020 and South Asian Digital Media Awards 2019

The ninth edition of WANIFRA’s Digital Media India (DMI) conference was held in New Delhi on 18-19 February, with more than 110 news media executives from more than 10 countries attending. DMI 2020 also hosted the fifth edition of the South Asia Digital Media Awards ceremony, which saw more than 80 entries from over 20 media companies.

Here's how the events panned out - in pictures.

How CNN uses audience insights to drive newsroom change

CNN has access to more than 484 million households and hotels globally. The brand’s combined properties see more than 299 million monthly unique visitors around the world on average, as of the final quarter of 2019. The company also has more than 166 million social media followers, and gets half a billion video hits each month.

How did they achieve these milestones?

How Inshorts used AI to become one of India’s top news apps

In 2013, three IIT students, Deepit Purkayastha, Azhar Iqubal and Anunay Pandey, launched an application called Inshorts, a pioneer in short form content. Today, it is one of India’s biggest digital success stories.

The company's revenue for 2019-20 was $14 million. Inshorts is India’s highest-rated news application with more than 15 million downloads both on Android and IOS.

2020: Newsletter driven startups seize the day

What promises to be a monumental year for news worldwide, with Middle East turmoil, U.S. elections, and climate change roiling countries from Australia to Africa, is also shaping up to be one of the most threatening yet for news companies, and journalists. But there is hope for journalism, writes Dave Callaway.

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